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BLACK PEAKS at The Suagrmill


The Sugarmill
Brunswick St, Hanley ST1 1DR Stoke-on-Trent England
Support: Yonaka + Alter Eden

Black Peaks headline at The Sugarmill on 22nd July.
There are those bands who are content to fit neatly into pre-ordained boxes set for them, and then there are bands who take one look at those boxes, chuckle to themselves, and proceed to throw every preconception and narrow-minded assumption straight out of the window. Brighton’s Black Peaks are firmly and unapologetically the latter.
Influences are drawn from the most broad and varied wells imaginable: from the sprawling, wide-eyed prog-isms of The Mars Volta to the lead-fingered riffing of Mastodon to the deft melodicism of City And Colour and plenty more besides there are touches from almost every edge of the musical palette in Black Peaks’ remarkable offering.
That penchant for leaving heads spinning and jaws on the floor though is perhaps most ably demonstrated through a live show best described as frenetic to the point of exorcistic.
That unswerving dedication to carving out the most exquisitely euphoric onstage displays possible has led to appearances at virtually every festival the UK has to offer. From there, support from Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Daniel P Carter has followed alongside the enthusiastic patronage from Zane Lowe who described the band as “Exceptional”.
Tickets are on-sale now via our website or Music Mania.

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